Hire On Demand Off-Shore IT-specialists

As the demand for software solutions continues to grow rapidly, ArtifiCraft provides you with professionals to extend your team.

The software team extension initiative aims to augment your existing workforce with skilled professionals who can contribute to ongoing projects and handle the increasing workload effectively. The company believes that expanding the team will not only enhance productivity but also enable them to take on more complex and ambitious projects in the future.

Why Chose ArtifiCraft?

ArtifiCraft is committed to maintaining its reputation for excellence and is seeking top talent to join your software development team. The experts will work closely with your existing employees, collaborating on various projects and leveraging their collective expertise to deliver outstanding results.

We are aware of your market technical and legal needs, and we make sure our experts do.

Hiring Process

To ensure a seamless integration of new team members, ArtifiCraft follow a rigorous selection process, evaluating candidates based on their technical skills, experience, and cultural fit with the company’s values.


This is how our process looks like:

  1. Share your requirement like: Technology, Experience, Required Tools, Minimum Project Duration, must have Required Skills, Additional Skills.
  2. Shortlist resources: We prepare for you a list of our best candidates matching your requirements.
  3. Interviews of shortlisted resources
  4. Sign Contract
  5. Agreement on a Payment Model.
  6. Onboarding for your new expert.

Resource Management

  • Regular Feedback: To make sure of our client satisfaction.
  • Raise complaints: In case of unsatisfaction, we have ready experts as a backup to solve your complaints.
  • Complaint Resolution: Comparing your complaint with our expert reports, we define the defect and solve it directly.
  • No additional cost for resource replacement: In case of resigning or unsatisfaction.
  • Probation time: We agree on a probation period, in which terminating the contract can happen without a notice from both sides.
  • Notice for termination from any side: We agree on a mutual termination period if you wish to end the contract earlier than agreed.


ArtifiCraft can provide you with experts in the following sectors.

  • Mobile Developers (IOS, Android, Flutter,..)
  • Frontend Developers (Angular, React Js, HTML, Node Js, …. )
  • Backend Developers (.Net, Java, Node Js, Laravel, PHP, …)
  • Full Stack Developers ()
  • Web Developers (Word Press, Drupal, Shopify, ….)
  • Digital Marketers

Team Hiring

Team Hiring

On Expert or many, same branch or integrated team with different specialities form the project manager to the frontend tester, on your demand, we provide you an entire team for your project from the kick-off to the delivery. We monitor the team from our end to make sure that the process and the work is going flowless and that any changes or inconvenience are not noticed on our client side.



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