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    Employees, Managers, HR specialists.

Have you ever wondered how to respond to an unbusinesslike or borderline e-mail? Have you ever been in a situation where a colleague refused to support you? Interpersonal communication is a crucial skill to achieve your business goals. It doesn’t matter if you have customer contact, work only with internal colleagues or only via online meetings. Good communication skills can help you to understand your opposite and to find the best solutions. It helps you to identify the key facts of your topic so that you can quickly deliver important information to your management. Start developing you communication skills with this course.

Participants are aware of basic communication rules and understand the different types how information is exchanged between humans. The course helps to take different perspectives in a discussion and to understand how information is send and received by individuals.



The training consists of a combination of presentations, Q&A, discussions and exercises. The training and training materials are available in English and German.

Course Instructor

Teachers Images

Thoralf Schwarz

Coach and Data specialist

Participation fee

275,00 € excl. MwSt.
327,25 € incl. MwSt.


26 August 2023
23 September 2023
30 September 2023
14 October 2023

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