16 Hours in 2 days


    Employees, Managers, HR specialists, Scrum Masters.

Course description

Organisational Behaviour study the behaviour, attitudes and performance of people in organisations. It puts the lens of analysis on how employees’ work contributes to or detracts form the effectiveness and productivity of the organisation. We focus in this training on the individual employee level such as personality traits, employee attitude and motivation to work and leadership.


The Participant will know at the end of the course the relationship between organisational productivity and employee need, the meaning of values and their relationship to personality. The course will explain the nature of job satisfaction-job performance relationship, the meaning of introversion and extroversion and the importance of the psychological contract.



Presentations, Q&A, discussions, and workshop exercises and is available in English and German languages.

Course Instructor

Teachers Images

Ramona Al Dreihi

Coach and IT-Trainer

Participation fee

550,00 € excl. MwSt.
654,00 € incl. MwSt.

Available timing

On Request (in Group of at least 6 Participants)


Fixed Dates

16-17 June 2023
18-19 August 2023
20-21 October 2023
24-25 November 2023

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