Artificial Intelligence


    16 Hours in 2 days


    Software-Developer, Architect and IT-Analyst

Course description

What exactly are the typical problems of machine learning? Which methods are used to solve them? When to use which learning algorithms and when should they be avoided? Which implementations are available on the market?

In many business areas, the current focus is on process automation. A good estimation is necessary to find out which customer requirements concepts of machine learning fit and which solutions exist.


The participants will get a rough overview of the methods of machine learning. They will be able to recognize which typical problems can be solved with which machine learning technologies. Important software solutions available on the market are presented.
The contents are conveyed using various methods: Impulse lectures, discussions, presentation of case studies and example implementations, practical exercises.


The course is aimed at software developers, architects and IT analysts who want to gain an overview of the problems, solution methods and tools of machine learning and their practical application.


Presentations, Q&A, discussions, and workshop exercises and is available in English and German languages.

Course Instructor

Teachers Images

Ramona Al Dreihi

Coach and IT-Trainer

Participation fee

550,00 € excl. MwSt.
654,50 € incl. MwSt.

Available timing

On Request (in Group of at least 8 Participants)


Fixed Dates

21 – 22 July 2023

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